SUNDAY 30 MAY 2021

Emkhathini Park, Andrew Mapheto drive. Tembisa



Missing children`s awareness walk is the 5th annual awareness campaign to create awareness about misisng children, it is also a fundraising event to raise funds for preventing misisng children cases, educating the public about the issue of missing children and to research factors leading children togo missing.




5th Missing Children`s Awareness walk 2020 is a campaign to create an awareness around the issue of missing children, it is also a fundraising initiative to fund programs designed to prevent children to go missing and to fund programs to search for those who are missing already.



  • To Make every person aware of the issue of missing children
  • To Educate adults of ways to keep children safe
  • To Educate adults to share tips with children on regular basis
  • To Educate Children of ways to be safe at all times
  • To raise funds for programs that prevent children to go missing
  • To raise funds to research the causes of Missing Children issue
  • To assist families whose children are still missing
  • To assist children living on the streets to go back home
  • To Recognize/Award individuals and institutions that promotes the safety of Our Children.
  • To raise funds for NGO`s who are not yet funded, but are keeping kids safe.
  • To encourage men and women to work together to ensure that children are safe at all times.
  • We are building a centre worth R1.5 Million in Tembisa to serve people of South Africa.
  • Funding programs that are preventing crimes against children, women & adult with mental challenges.
  • Funds are used to assist families whose children are missing already.
  • Funding research programs about the issue of missing children.
  • Paying monthly working expenses like, fuel, salaries, office rentals, Etc.
  • Paying monthly services done for us by other institutions
  • Buying, Designing and distributions of posters of missing children
  • Covering expenses of training public about missing children
  • Educating adults & children about missing children issue and ways of keeping children safe.
  • Covering all expenses for the hosting of Missing Children`s Awareness walk each year.
  • Traveling expenses of officials of the organization to families affected by the issue of missing children.
  • Ensuring that families whose children are missing attend the event, we assist them with transport, accommodations & meals.
  • Searching for families of unidentified bodies of children in mortuaries.
  • Searching for families of children registered as unknown patients at hospitals
  • Buying of safety equipment for our case managers and volunteers



Four people on the logo are Male adult (Green), Female adult( Pink), Boy( Blue)& Girl (Black). They are of different colours representing different races of the community of South Africa. The walk is for black people, White people, Coloured people, Indian people and other races.

The man on the logo is leading the walk, God made Men protectors. He protects all those following him, females, boys & girls.

The woman on the logo is behind the man to assist the men to protect boys & girls behind her.

The young boy after the woman assist both male & female adult to protect the young girl.

The girl is the most vulnerable of the group, hence she is the last and all the boy, man & female must ensure that she is always protected 24hrs.





This event started in 2016 at Bojelong Primary school in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni region of Gauteng province. South Africa. More than 1100 school children participated.

The initial plan was to educate school children about the issue of missing children and sharing safety tips with children.

We realized that it is not only children who are affected directly by this challenge but everybody. Parents whose children are missing as we speak are living in tears, the siblings of the missing children,  friends of missing children,  teachers of missing children ,  neighbours of missing children and  the list goes on and on.

A permanent and bigger venue was needed and Emkhathini Park (opposite Tembisa Fire Station) near Rabasotho Police station and Limindlela station was chosen as the ideal venue. It is at the centre of the Tembisa area and it will be accessible easier by everyone who is interested to get involved.

Missing Children’s Awareness Walk is the only Event in the country that gives ADULTS & CHILDREN platform to take part in creating awareness about the issue around missing children. This is where people with different backgrounds but with one vision to keep children of South Africa safe meet. They all agree that children must be protected and not be hurt; we all agree that if a child next door is missing tomorrow it may be my child or yours.



Date :   Sunday 31 May 2020

Time :  11:00                                                                                                        


Emkhathini Park

Andrew Mapheto DR


Gauteng Province, South Africa.

(Opposite Tembisa Fire Station)


Start & End point                                    : Emkhathini Park

Time                                              :11:00

Duration of the walk                   :1hour


Program of the day

(Program may be different to this one during the event)

Part1 WALK

Part 2

Time 12:30

Opening By National Anthem

Welcome note by Organizers

Purpose of the event speech

Message By Partners       

Message By Sponsors

Performances By Musicians

Performances By School Children


Message by Government Departments

Message by representative from SAPS

Message by Community Safety

Message by sponsors

Entertainment by Local School

Releasing of balloons

Closure     Time 15:00                                                            


The time has come for us to do something about missing children in SOuth Africa and the world at large, our children are the main target for criminals who are desperately trying day and night to find children for thier sick businesses. They human traffick our children for sex work, child labour, child ponogrpahy, child marriages, drug trafficking and more.


The 5th Missing children`s Awareness walk on Sunday the 30th May 2021 is giving you an opportunity to get involved, you can walk with us wherever you are in South Africa or in the world. We will also be walking virtuall. The event will be livestreamed to the nation, from the start to the end. Due to Corona challenges, the event will practice social distance and particiapnts will wear facemask.



We encourage you to participate in this event anywhere in South Africa and take on the walk in your area.  Where possible, include some iconic local areas and share photos with the rest of the Walk for Awareness community, showing the amazing impact you’ve just made in the quest to raise awareness of misisng children challenge. 


Walk for Awareness is an event that involves bringing people together in a friendly and safe environment where issues of  missing children can be discussed openly with friends, family and supportive strangers. We believe the matters surrounding missing children should be discussed, not hidden.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             OBJECTIVES OF THE WALK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

● To Make every person aware of the issue of missing children

● To Educate adults of ways to keep children safe.

● To Educate Adults To share tips with children on regular basis.

● To Educate Children of ways to be safe at all times

● To Raise Funds to Prevent Crimes that are making Children go missing.

● To Raise funds to research the causes of Missing Children

● To assist families whose children are still missing

● To Recognize  individuals and institutions that promote the safety of our children.

● To encourage parents  to work together to keep children safe