SUNDAY 30 MAY 2021

Emkhathini Park, Andrew Mapheto drive. Tembisa



Missing children`s awareness walk is the 5th annual awareness campaign to create public awareness about misisng children, it is also a fundraising event to raise funds for preventing misising children cases, educating the public about the issue of missing children and to research factors leaing children  to go missing.



What is the Missing Children`s Awareness Walk?

It is a campaign to create public awareness around the issue of missing children, it is also a fundraising to raise funds for programs designed to prevent children from going missing & to search for those who are missing already.


What is Home of Missing People Foundation?

A registered non-profit organization that is focusing on preventing crimes causing children, women & adults with mental challenges to go missing

How is the money used?

Our operation is very expensive one. Here are some of the activities the money is utilised, Preventative programs, educational/training programs, awareness, transporting families & victims. Transporting case managers to attend to these cases, administration & printing materials.

We are building an office in each province of South Africa, each office cost R1.5 Million

What is successful registration?

If you have registered online and collected your tickets at Pick n Pay, you are successfully registered. You will just wait for the 3 weeks before the event to collect your walking packs. Including your walk number

If you have deposited your registration fees at FNB, and you are contacted by our organizing team and given a walk number then you are also successfully registered.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately no pets are allowed. Not everyone is comfortable with pets, many people are allergic, and many animals react differently in large crowds than they do at home. 

Are wheelchairs allowed?


Bicycles and in-line skates allowed?  Bicycles and in-line skates are NOT allowed.


Can I register for the Missing Children Walk on the day of the event?  Yes. But it is encouraged to register earlier, its better if you just collect on the day of the event.  You may not get other benefits like T-shirts when you are registering on this day.

What if it rains?
The Missing Children Walk takes place RAIN OR SHINE.   Unless there are extreme weather conditions, the event will take place. If rain is in the forecast, please dress accordingly. 


How can my company get involved?

Companies can play role by sponsoring this event, for more contact us +2778 467 4902.  Email sponsorship@missingchildrenwalk.co.za



What do I need to bring with me to Missing Children Walk? 

Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather, bring water and camp chair. Bring a rain poncho if there is a threat of rain and wear sunglasses and sunscreen if it is sunny. Remember that we walk rain or shine. . Please bring any item suitable to be used by children living with Albinism, items you have bought or collected from your family or community members.

What food is available at the Missing Children Walk? 

Light snacks and water will be available for you throughout the walk. Meals are usually provided to the children. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch with you or foods if you have special dietary restrictions or needs. 

What should I do if I have trouble registering or other technical difficulties?

Email organizer@missingchildrenwalk.co.za for assistance.


Only two methods are available for participating in Missing Children Walk. 1 Online registration (Webtickets) and collecting tickets at Pick n Pay stores. 2 Pay registration fees at FNB using your contact number as reference. Registration is open throughout the year until Friday-29 May 2020.

Registration Fees

R100 per Adult & R20 children under the age of 12 years. Registration fee is non-refundable. You can give someone the ticket to participate on your behalf if you are unable to attend.

Walk Distance

The walk is 5 KM; it STARTS & ENDS at the Emkhathini Park, Andrew Mapheto Drive. Tembisa. The walk is a 1 hour of walking.

Walk Numbers (Your phone number)

Every participant is given unique walk number; your walk number is your phone number. The one participant used as reference on the deposit slip. This number is very important; participants are advised to always use this walk number for any correspondence with organizers. The walk number is found inside a walk pack.   

Certificate of participation

Every participant is given a certificate for participating, even if you were unable to attend the event. The certificate is found inside the walk pack.

Contact details for the Walk

24 Hr Helpline/Whatsapp  : 078 467 4902

Tel : 011 072 0239

Email        : register@missingchildrenwalk.co.za

Website : www.missingchildrenwalk.co.za.

Facebook : @Missingchildrenwalk

Instagram: Missingchildrenwalk

Twitter : @Missingkidswalk

Walks Times

11:00am To 15:00 PM

Venue of the walk

Emkhathini Park. Andrew Mapheto Drive                                                        Emkhathini Section.                                                                                                    Tembisa                                                                                                                         1632                                                                                                                     Gauteng province, Ekurhuleni                                                                              South Africa

Collection Period

This is three weeks before the event; participants can collect their staff, including their walk pack. If you have paid your registration fees, come collect your stuff at the office of the Home of missing people foundation, event venue and to the mobile crew. We encourage all participants to collect their walking packs so that on the day of the event we just walk. Dates 11 May 2021 To 30 May 2021. Time 08:00 To 17:00.                                                                                 

Group participations (from 10 participants)

This can be a family, employees from one employer, social club, institution etc. We still have to record all members of the group individually. Every group must have a group captain. Group captain will work with organizers / communities to ensure that the walk become successful and enjoyable experience. Each member will have to pay their registration fees. Groups can assist organizers to collect items needed for children from their communities. Since we are focusing on the killings of children living with Albinism in 2021, we are encouraging groups to organize items used by children living with Albinism. Eg Skin care products, Sunglasses, Lip-gloss etc. The team will get its certificate as well as individually. Group captain can add members anytime.
Is it hard being a Group captain?

Serving as a Group Captain does require some extra effort, but the Group captain easier.  You will find it extremely rewarding to recruit Organizing team of the Walk will provide some support to make the work of, motivate and organize your friends, family and co-workers for a day of awareness . Group captain is the champion of the awareness walk. Group Captain will recruit members to join the group, organize transport and collect walk packs for members.

How do I register as a Group?

Simply choose a group name, send the intention to participate as a group and complete the registration form. For more about the group participation contact us on group@missingchildrenwalk.co.za. Call/WhatsApp +2778 467 4902

Refreshment Points?

There is a refreshment point at the half of the walk (2.5KM) participants can have water here. This is not a stop but just for those who need littler water break. Those needing toilets and medical attention will stop here. Those who are too tired will stop here and will be taken to the venue by transport.

Minors (Under 12 years)

Children under 12 years cannot be accepted without the parents or guardians. The group participation consisting of only children must have an elder Group leader.


Participants take part entirely at their own risk and agree that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the Home of missing people foundation, Organising team, any individual or official, marshal, assistant, helper or agent, the sponsors/partners or any local authority or their employees, in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever which participants may suffer arising from any injury to their person or loss or damage to their property as a result of, or arising out of, whether directly or indirectly. By registering the participant confirm that they are fit to walk both medically and physically. Members taking part as Groups are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of participation by virtue of their participation in the Missing Children Walk. The participant agrees to abide by the rules of the Missing Children Walk and confirms that she/he has read them, and understands that she/he takes part in the Missing Children Walk the Talk at his/her own risk and indemnifies the sponsors and/or organisers against any claim which may result from his/her participation. This indemnity applies equally to groups entering under the rules and conditions of participation. In registering the Missing Children Walk, the participant understands that the Organising team will take photographs of the event including participants to the event and she/he consents to such photographs being taken at the event and being used for promotional and publicity purposes at the Organising team’s sole discretion. The participant further understands and accepts that the photographs are and will remain the property of the Home of missing people foundation.